Personnel assessment

Personnel assessment


Do you need more in-depth information about the strengths and areas of development of the candidate to support the recruitment decision? Do you want to find the best experts, the most skilled people, the most advanced recent graduates or the most dynamic trainees in your company? Or do you want to develop your leadership skills and improve your business results?


Folka uses globally used, online-based Aon Assessment tools to evaluate job seekers and employees.

The tests combine psychometrics, innovative technology and business understanding. Personnel assessments provide more in-depth information about the personality traits of an applicant or employee, motivational factors, and essential abilities and skills in the role. This will give you the confidence to support your decision-making process and enable you to find the right person with the best competence to succeed in the position among the candidates or existing employees. 

To reveal the most suitable candidates for our client companies, we can conduct Aon Assessment personnel assessments to support recruitment. This personnel assessment provides valuable and objective information about the applicant's work style and suitability for the job. 

After the personnel assessment, the applicant receives personal feedback on the assessment. An oral summary will be reviewed with the client to discuss the applicant’s competencies and abilities in the future role.

We tailor the test package according to the task-specific requirements and expectations from trainee-level positions to management team positions. In Aon Assessment you can choose between 12 different level categories and it is available in more than 40 languages. 

  • Recent graduates
  • Trainees
  • Experts
  • Officials
  • Middle management
  • Senior management 

The personnel assessment package includes a variety of ability- and skill-based tasks that predict job performance, measure functional characteristics, and provide additional information about personality. With management-level recruits, the personal assessments provide tools for supervisory work and management of the selected candidate. 

  • Numerical reasoning ability 
  • Verbal reasoning ability
  • Logical reasoning ability
  • Written testing of language skills
  • Work personality and motivation
  • Data processing capability

Is your recruitment process in its final stages, but you are still unsure about hiring the candidate? Or do you need the staff skills mapping conducted by an outside expert to be part of a staff development project? All performed by a certified specialist of Folka.

You can also purchase Aon Assessment’s personnel assessment as an additional service for objective decision-making support for your own recruitment.

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Why personnel assessment?

  • Certainty about recruitment, more in-depth information about applicants to support the recruitment decision.
  • Identify your employees and future leaders with high potential and maintain a culture of learning and development.
  • Objective personal assessment by a certified specialist to support recruitment or the development of personnel.
  • Always customized together with the customer to suit the requirement level of the position.

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