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Staffing service

Staffing service

As our staffing service customer, you can focus on your core competencies - we take care of everything else for you.

Do you need employees as quickly as possible?

If speed is your key, staffing service is your solution. As our staffing service client, you can quickly and easily get skilled labor at your disposal. We handle the entire application process and the administrative HR work related to the employment relationship for you, and you can fully focus on running your own business.


Employees when you need them

With the help of staffing services, employer risks can be minimized and the amount of labor can always be proportional to the prevailing situation. Staffing service brings flexibility to the business, which saves money, especially for companies that are sensitive to economic cycles or have strong seasonal fluctuations. Through us, you can get temporary employees when you need workers on a permanent, temporary, seasonal or project basis. We search and interview applicants, present the best candidates for you to choose from, do the initial induction and take care of payroll, vacations, occupational health care and other administrative matters of the employment relationship.


Folka as an employer

Folka acts as the temporary worker's employer and the appointed HR consultant acts as the supervisor, but the client company always has the responsibility for managing the work. In staffing services, we are present for both the customer and the employee throughout the entire life cycle of the employment relationship. If the need for labor becomes permanent later on, you can change the employment contract to an indefinite one or hire a temporary employee directly on your own company's payroll.



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