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Recruitment services



Are you looking for a top-performing professional in your industry to work in an expert, junior or staff-level position? Folka finds the best employees for you – effectively and effortlessly.


Easy and effortless recruitment

You can buy the entire recruitment process or part of it from us and we will make the process easy and effortless for you. We take care of drafting and publishing the job advertisement and recruitment marketing. We will find you the best candidates, conduct preliminary job interviews and do the necessary background checks. We will present only the best candidates, from which you can choose the staff member, specialist or employee who is just right for you.


We invest in the customer and applicant experience during the recruitment process

In the process, we ensure a good customer and applicant experience by investing in close communication. We contact each applicant personally and keep the client informed about the progress of the recruitment process. 


Industry specific HR consultants

We are genuinely interested in your line of business and at first we ask a lot of questions to understand your company's needs and operating environment. It is important to us that the client company knows what kind of employee they are getting and that the employee himself knows what kind of job and work environment they are going to.


We help build success stories

With our recruitment services, we build the future success stories of our customers and jobseekers. Our recruitment work is based on the cutting-edge expertise of HR consultants, industry specific knowledge  and Aon Assessment personal assessments. We will also monitor the success of our recruitment well into the future.


Best candidate for you?

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Folka's HR consultants are experts in the following industries: