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Are you looking for flexibility to meet your staffing needs during the seasons, business growth, or immediate shortages? Or transparency and predictability in costs? Want to free up more time for your core business?


Outsourcing brings flexibility to operations and costs

Outsourcing services bring flexibility to day-to-day operations and responds to various resource challenges. In the outsourcing service, you can transfer an individual business area or a support function, for example storage and logistics, to be completely produced by Folka.


Always the right amount of resources

Our outsourcing service is a broader entity than just the staffing service; in addition to administrative employer obligations, we take on the responsibility for the entire business operation and work management of a support function such as logistics for example. We always ensure just the right amount of resources, so fixed costs become more flexible and operations scale effortlessly according to demand fluctuations.


Outsourcing improves the quality of recruitment and internal management, makes it easier to make necessary changes and harmonises the way support functions operate.



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