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Customer service

Customer service

Are you a professional who draws strength from encounters or does your heart beat for quality customer service? Through us, you can find numerous open customer service positions, either from Folka or directly from the client's payroll.

In customer service, no working day is the same, and you get to work in a wide variety of tasks and accumulate valuable skills. In customer service, you meet face-to-face as well as in other customer channels, and you get to be a part of creating five-star customer service.

Customer service agent

Today's consumers demand a quick response from customer service and the ability to solve complex problems quickly. The characteristics of a good customer service representative include up-to-date IT skills, industry knowledge, service orientation, problem-solving ability, good verbal skills and emotional intelligence.

Through us, you can find employment in the following positions:
  • Lobby attendant
  • Customer service agent
  • Customer service coordinator
  • Account manager
  • Service manager
Do you enjoy helping people and is customer service your thing? Wondering what you can do during your gap year or where you could find work alongside studies? At Folka, you can work in various customer service positions both part- and full-time, depending on your individual situation. Come visit us to build a five-star customer service experience and see the business world!
Susanna Sihtola
Susanna Sihtola
HR consultant at Folka

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