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Logistics is an essential part of many different industries, as it ensures efficient delivery of goods and services to different destinations. Efficient logistics is important to keep production running smoothly and deliver products to customers on time. A logistics professional can, for example, work in a warehouse or transport people, goods and vehicles from one place to another.


Warehouse and intralogistics

Logistics is one of Folka's largest industries. For many years, we have supplied our client companies with workers and made successful recruitments for various warehouse tasks. You can find a job through Folka for example at a wholesale supplier, transport company or a central warehouse.


Through us, you can find employment in the following positions:
  • Warehouse worker
  • Logistics worker
  • Collector
  • Audio collector
  • Terminal worker
  • Packer
  • Forklift driver


Through Folka, you can get acquainted with various tasks in the logistics industry. We offer short- and long-term positions where you can work either part- or full-time, whatever is most suitable for your situation. You are not required to have previous work experience in the field, and our customers are happy to train you in the logistics industry. If you are already experienced in your field, we have more challenging and versatile vacancies where you can put your expertise to use. We have long-term logistics partners that we can warmly recommend!
Michaela Lappalainen
Michaela Lappalainen
HR consultant at Folka

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