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Hotel and restaurant industry

Hotel and restaurant industry

Looking for the best employees for kitchens and dining rooms to create a first-class customer experience?

Waiters, chefs, dishwashers, shift managers, bar waiters, hotel workers – at Folka you will find permanent employees and temporary substitutes for both the kitchen and the dining room. Our goal is to provide the best possible employee experience and this is also visible to our customers. We have extensive experience in hotel and restaurant recruitment and staffing. We are your trusted partner in developing human resources and we bring reliability of supply to your everyday working life.

Staffing service or recruiting?  A seamless customer experience is created by providing first-class customer service through multiple channels – right where your customer is. At Folka, you will find customer service professionals in a prompt and agile way.

In hotel and restaurant industry we have hired people for example to following positions:

  • Waiter
  • Cook
  • Chef
  • Bartender
  • Blocker
  • Receptionist

In order to provide our customers with first-class customer service, we have started with ourselves. Folka’s HR department takes care of the well-being of its employees at every step.

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Personnel services

Our services for hotel and restaurant industry

Staffing service


Direct recruiting

Outplacement services

Personnel assessment

Additional services


Solutions from individual one-off placements to wider staffing needs and seasonal fluctuations.


Folka's own HR department frees up your valuable time for the core business.


Folka’s restaurant industry testing ensures only the most suitable employees.

WeCare concept

Folka's WeCare concept supports the employee throughout the life cycle of the employment relationship.

Are you looking for waiters, chefs or kitchen staff to join your team? Through Folka, you will find enthusiastic and reliable hotel, restaurant and catering employees from your community. Folka's HR team is expanding its retail employee pool to meet the needs of our customers. We are looking for the right employees for both short- and long-term employment. With Folka, you receive skilled, service-minded and energetic employees who make your daily life easier with their work.
Monia Pöllänen
Monia Pöllänen
Service manager at Folka