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Property management

Property management

Seasonal work, temporary work, long and short projects – during the entire lifecycle of a property. At Folka, you can find all types of property management work, whether you are just at the beginning of your career or already have extensive experience. 

Large and small property management companies as clients

Nearly all the largest property management companies are our clients, as well as the smaller ones small ones - With us you can choose the type of operating environment you want to work in. In property management companies of various sizes, the tasks can vary depending on the property to be cleaned or maintained and the activities carried out there.

Property management jobs

We are interested in all your skills related to the field, so please leave us a job application with a low threshold. In property management jobs, motivation and desire to learn are often more important than long work experience from the field.


Through us, you can find employment in the following positions:
  • Property manager
  • Maintenance man
  • Manual snow worker
  • Roof snow worker
  • Leaf blower
  • Green area worker
  • Lawnmower
  • Machine operator
  • Cleaner

Cleaning jobs can be found here



Often the most challenging thing when moving into a new field is to get the first experience, whether you are looking for a permanent job or your first summer job. At Folka, we are able to help with this and make it a little easier and faster. So, you should apply to the property management industry and keep your mobile phone close at hand!
Leevi Rantalainen
Leevi Rantalainen
HR consultant at Folka

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