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Office work offers a wide range of job opportunities for those who want to work in a professional environment and be part of organizational success. This versatile industry provides job roles that vary from administrative tasks to customer service and project management.


In office work, you get to utilize your diverse skills and develop new ones. You can be involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization, handle information management, organize events, or assist supervisors and teams. In this role, you have the opportunity to be the backbone of the organization and support its smooth functioning. Office work requires good communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to manage schedules and tasks efficiently. Additionally, familiarity with technology and proficiency in using various office software are important for succeeding in the job.


Office work also offers opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. You can acquire new knowledge and responsibilities and take on various projects. Moreover, in an office environment, you can build valuable networks and learn from other professionals.


Join us and open the door to exciting office work! Become part of this dynamic and evolving industry where you can build a long-term and successful career.


Through us, you can find employment in positions such as:
  • Office Assistant
  • Office Worker
  • Office Manager
  • Financial Specialist
  • Payroll Administrator


Are you looking for office and financial management positions where you can develop your expertise in the field? We work with small, medium and large companies that operate extensively in different industries. Through Folka, you can find your first job in your field after graduation or take the next step in your career. We help you to find a work community you can enjoy and employment where you can use the skills you have already accumulated and learn new things.
Monia Pöllänen
Monia Pöllänen
Service manager at Folka

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