Industry and production

Industry and production

Do you want to ensure your company's reliability of supply and competitiveness through timely resourcing? At Folka, you can find experts that meet the requirements for different industries and a variety of tasks.

Through Folka, you can find employees for every industry – everything according to your needs.

We take care of your staffing requirements, your staff, and the timely resourcing of staff so that you can focus on other important activities. We know the special characteristics of different industries and sectors, and we bring certainty and efficiency to your day-to-day operations, as well as flexibility and agility by providing our HR expertise. We will find the right employees for you, either from Finland or, if necessary, from abroad. 

Folka also ensures the smoothness of everyday life during seasonal fluctuations and unexpected situations by delivering the right people to the right place at the right time.

Several industries

We serve several industries in the construction and technology sectors – feel free to contact us so we can advise you on how we can best help your business.

Folka's team

Folka's team is there for you and is ready to help you to free up your valuable time for the core activities of your business.


If necessary, we can ensure the employee's suitability for the task at hand through various task-specific tests (e.g. storage and assembly).

WeCare concept

The wellbeing of our employees is very important to us here at Folka. That is why we are using the WeCare concept, which supports employees’ well-being throughout the employment life cycle.

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The shortage of skilled workers in many industrial sectors is tangible and competition for a skilled and motivated workforce is fierce. When you want to ensure your company's reliability of supply and competitiveness with timely resourcing, you can find employees for various industrial tasks from Folka’s team, which is specialised in the industry. We also supply foreign labour with years of experience.
Salme Kinnunen
Salme Kinnunen
Head of Industry and Production at Folka

There's work to be done, but you’re lacking an employee?

Folka is both the most versatile and the most agile HR partner in your working life. We are just one call or message away when you need high-quality personnel services or qualified workers even with a tight schedule or specific expertise. Together, we can make good things happen. 

Available workers

We have found suitable employees for the following tasks:

Producer of precast concrete elements
Production worker
Wood element worker
Process worker

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