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Retail industry

Retail industry

Order pickers, cashiers, sellers and shelf stackers – adaptable and reliable across the seasons, from individual work to longer work assignments. 

Folka is ready to make your daily working life easier and more efficient. Our diverse human resources services bring transparency to costs and reliability to operations. Whether you want to recruit experts or prefer to fill shifts through temporary staffing, we have the ideal solution for you.

In retail industry, we have hired people for example to the following positions:

  • Cashier
  • Retail and service desk professionals

Staffing service or recruiting?  A seamless customer experience is created by providing first-class customer service through multiple channels – right where your customer is. At Folka, you will find customer service professionals in a prompt and agile way.

We have hired people for example to following positions:

ith first-class customer service, we have started with ourselves. Folka’s HR department takes care of the well-being of its employees at every step.

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Efficiency and transparency

Efficiency at work and transparency of costs.

High-quality services

Effective processes and our own HR department guarantee high-quality service and employees.

Customer service test

Folka's trade testing, which tests, for example, teamwork skills.

WeCare concept

Folka's WeCare concept supports the employee throughout the life cycle of the employment relationship.

Personnel services

Our services for retail industry

Staffing service


Direct recruiting

Outplacement services

Personnel assessment

Additional services

Are you looking for more shelf stackers or salespeople in your workforce, or do you need a skilled store manager? Folka's HR team is expanding its retail employee pool to meet the needs of our customers. We are looking for the right employees for both short- and long-term employment. Through Folka, you receive skilled, service-minded and energetic employees who make your daily life easier with their work.
Monia Pöllänen
Monia Pöllänen
Service manager at Folka

There's work to be done, but you’re lacking an employee? 

Folka is both the most versatile and the most agile HR partner in your working life. We are just one call or message away when you need high-quality personnel services or qualified workers even with a tight schedule or specific expertise. Together, we can make good things happen.

Available workers

We have found suitable employees for the following tasks:

Store manager
Shelf stacker
Product group manager
Warehouse worker

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