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Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services


Have you been forced to lay off employees due to co-operation negotiations and your company is legally bound to provide outplacement coaching? Folka's HR team will tailor you an outplacement service package suitable for these challenging situations.


Folka's HR team helps and supports employees who are laid off due to reasons related to the company's production, finances, or employer restructuring. We offer help and support in facing the change, defining new career goals, identifying personal competencies, and finding new work opportunities. Outplacement coaching is suitable for both employee and official levels and it can be implemented as individual, group, or combination coaching.

Our customised outplacement coaching service is a comprehensive training package covering the stages of the outplacement process, how to deal with change and how to motivate towards new opportunities. We go through official instances who provide help in an outplacement situation, offer modern practices for re-employment, and provide concrete tools for personal career planning. In our outplacement coaching, we help people accept what they cannot control and in turn focus on what they can.

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Why outplacement services?

  • The employer must by law provide its laid off employees the opportunity to participate in employer-sponsored employment-promoting training if the company regularly employs at least 30 people and they have been employed at least 5 consecutive years before the termination of employment.
  • Folka offers an outplacement coaching package that has received considerable praise from both companies and employees who have completed the training.
  • We always tailor the content of the outplacement training program according to the company's wishes.
  • When planning content, we take into account the strengths, development targets and wishes of those participating in the program.
  • We offer tangible benefits for developing job search skills and the possibility of re-employment.


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