Are you looking for agility in logistics? Long-term employees or acute seasonal help? At Folka, you will find quality employees in the logistics industry ideally suited for a variety of tasks.

Wholesale and retail stores, transport companies, central warehouses and heavy industry – we use our comprehensive expertise of the logistics industry to tailor the right service for you. 

Folka makes the day-to-day operation of logistics secure, flexible and agile.

Cost savings

Save costs through optimising the timeliness and quantity of resources.

Reliable deliveries

Reliability of delivery and delivery times are improved by using flexible human resources.

High quality employees

We offer an extensive pool of applicants from logistics professionals.

WeCare concept

Folka's WeCare concept supports the employee throughout the life cycle of their employment relationship.

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In logistics, seasonal fluctuations and unexpected changes are commonplace. Timely resourcing and utilising foreign labour when necessary ensures the smooth flow of materials in rapidly changing situations. Our industry-focused recruitment team responds quickly to your needs and serves your requirements with transparency and quality at the heart of everything we do.
Kirsi Oksanen
Kirsi Oksanen
Sales manager at Folka

There's work to be done, but you’re lacking an employee?

Folka is both the most versatile and the most agile HR partner in your working life. We are just one call or message away when you need high-quality personnel services or qualified workers even with a tight schedule or specific expertise. Together, we can make good things happen.

Available workers

We have found suitable employees for the following tasks:

Warehouse worker
Forklift driver
Voice picker
Terminal employee
Reach truck operator

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