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We are part of a Norwegian-based group that offers a full range of HR services

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Folka Henkilöstöpalvelut is part of the Otiga Group


Otiga Group AS is a Norwegian group that operates in four Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Otiga group consists of 13 brands, which together offer a full range of recruitment and staffing services for all industries. The selection includes labor services for both temporary and permanent needs, outplacement services and consulting. All Otiga brands have their own specialties, segments and areas of operation. For us, Folka as an Otiga brand has the advantage of an agile domestic operator with the support of a large company behind us.

The common goal of Otiga's brands is to be a local, Nordic service provider, which is at the same time small enough to retain the advantages of local operations, but large enough to be scaled throughout the Nordic countries. In addition to this, the common denominator is the specialized expertise of the industry, which is heavily invested in within the brands.

Otiga Group in numbers

  • In total, the group has more than 300 full-time employees
  • The group has 60 branches in the Nordic countries
  • Otiga employs 14,000 temporary employees every year and fulfills more than 2,000 recruitment orders
  • Turnover in 2021 was 285 million euros

Group secures our operations and provides various benefits that our customers also profit from. Sharing expertise with our Nordic colleagues is one of these - help and expertise across borders.

Otiga Group brands

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Sustainable Development Goals


Otiga Group takes inspiration from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the UN.

The agenda consists of 17 global goals that aims to transform our world by eradicating poverty, inequality and climate changes by the year 2030. 

Otiga Group contributes to achieving the goals by focusing on four areas in which we believe our influence is greatest:

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