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Direct recruitment - Recruitment directly to the company

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Direct recruitment is one of the most common tasks in the recruitment industry and it can be used to recruit one or more employees directly to a customer company. In a direct recruitment assignment, the recruitment agency implements the entire application process on behalf of the customer from start to finish.

By outsourcing the recruitment process, the customer company can focus entirely on its core actions, i.e. running the business.




The direct recruitment process begins with a contact from the customer company. The recruitment company starts the process by mapping out the needs and wishes of the customer company and determines the search criteria and general terms and conditions of the application process together with the customer.



Following the initial survey, the recruitment company prepares a job advertisement and publishes it on its own channels and on national employment websites such as mol.fi, Duunitori, Monster, and Oikotie. The customer company may choose to remain anonymous in the direct recruitment job advertisement, but this may limit the number of applicants. The recruitment company also goes through its own existing pool of people and contacts suitable applicants to participate in the recruitment process.


Kontaktointi ja haastattelut

Hakuajan jälkeen rekrytointiyritys kontaktoi, arvioi ja haastattelee sopivimmat hakijat. Haastattelussa työnhakijoiden osaaminen ja sopivuus avoinna olevaan työpaikkaan arvioidaan, sekä mahdolliset referenssit tarkistetaan. Haastateltujen työnhakijoiden joukosta valitaan parhaat kandidaatit, jotka esitellään asiakasyritykselle.



After the application period, the recruitment company contacts, evaluates and interviews the most suitable candidates. In the interview, jobseekers’ skills and suitability for the vacancy are assessed, and any references are checked. The recruitment agency selects the best candidates from the interviewed applicants and presents them to the customer.



After an initial interview with the recruitment company, the selected candidates will again be interviewed by the customer company. Following the interviews, the customer makes the final recruitment decision with the help and support of the recruitment company.

An employee hired through a direct recruitment company is therefore not a rental worker in this case – instead the employment contract is concluded with the customer company and the person is employed directly on their payroll.



Direct recruitment is a suitable option when a company needs additional manpower but does not have the time or resources to organise the recruitment process itself. Recruitment is challenging and time consuming, and many companies may not have the skills and expertise for it. There may be dozens, or even hundreds, of job applications depending on the vacancy.

Hiring a recruitment company is also a good way to achieve more visibility and coverage for a job vacancy, as recruitment companies usually have access to extensive public distribution channels on social media, for example.

Although the direct recruitment process is most commonly used to recruit permanent employees, it is worth remembering that it is also suitable for part-time and project-type employees.



Direct recruitment should not be confused with headhunting. Headhunting means looking for the best possible candidate for an open position at the management, middle or expert level that has not been advertised publicly. You can read more about headhunting in our blog post Headhunting = direct search.

If you are interested in taking advantage of direct recruitment or headhunting in your own recruitment, then contact us!

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Direct recruitment - Recruitment directly to the company

Direct recruitment is one of the most common tasks in the recruitment industry and it can be used to recruit one or more employees directly to a...

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